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Cook up a storm with The B2B Content Marketing Cookbook

Following the plate-clearing success of our first edition of The B2B Content Marketing Cookbook in 2013, we decided it was time to get back in the kitchen, blow the dust from our apron and oven mitts, and serve up some fresh mouth-watering content recipes to support your b2b lead generation and marketing planning.

B2b content marketing has changed dramatically in the four years since we published our original Cookbook, and today a well thought out content strategy can make the key difference between marketing success or failure.

We hope this fun and practical guide will provide some inspiration to help you beat the quality v quantity content challenge we currently face. With contributions from numerous experts and resources, there’s something for every b2b marketer to get their teeth into. We guarantee you'll learn at least one invaluable tip so what've you got to lose? Download your free copy now, or email us to reserve one of our 100 limited edition print copies - first come, first served!


These mouth-watering recipes show you how to:

  • Cook up an extra tasty b2b Twitter feed
  • Create even more irresistible b2b calls to action
  • Bake a b2b blog that whets your audiences' appetities and never goes stale
  • Use micro video to mix up your b2b content delivery.

The B2B Content Marketing Cookbook recipes will have your marketing funnel overflowing in no time.


Download your free copy of The B2B Content Marketing Cookbook now...